Six months can not find a goal in Serie A Portuguese international

Geschrieben von xingwang am 7. Februar 2018 02:39 Uhr


Similarly, Andre - Silva as the 2017 national team in Portugal and C Lo shoulders two ace scorers, now sit in the bench at AC Milan, appearances in Kalinic, Curtone later become "Substitute bench." Six months can not find a goal in Serie A Portuguese international, indeed this winter is very worried, his agent Mendes is also under his cover. However, the lack of wealthy access Silva know that the transfer must pay a salary, eventually he did not leave. This may also put potential risks to his World Cup, after all, a few months can not play the game player, the state is difficult to FIFA Coins guarantee.


Of course, there are many players did not achieve the transfer, is indeed subject to unexpected factors: Pastore, for example, would like to run to Inter Milan, Gran Terahertz Blue can not get the cash it asked Paris; For example, once wanted to transfer to enhance the national team competition Argentine power Belgian Argentina, AC Milan sudden change in the sudden transfer of change coaching, coach Gattuso under his command he jumped and become the main force; such as one-stop wanting to return to French substitute bench Garmero, Simone refused to accept any inquiry; for example, since June 2017 did not get the Brazilian team recruited Bayern flying wing Rafinha, rumors were actually held by Heynckes sincerely ... ... and so on.


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