As the Pawns played off the block

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It is for these reasons that Brady completed his first highlight in the remaining 1 minute 21 seconds: the Patriots attacking team continued to Madden Coins put on a radical shotgun formation, Brady quickly completed two short passes, Respectively, advancing 1 yards, 10 yards, won the first attack after losing the ball stop table, once again pass after about 10 yards to promote to the Patriots 40 yards line, this time only 33 seconds left.

As the Pawns played off the block, the Patriots offensive team made the final move, after which Brady showed his precise passing and calm decision making ability: Brady was quick and decisive in the first pass Of the ball out of the world stop-table; then put the shotgun formation again, the left side of the line came out scalpel-level accuracy of the ball, the external hand after catching the ball out of bounds again to promote 23 yards, came to the ram side 40 Code line. Finally, Brady completed his classic short pass, pushing forward again for 7 yards, losing six seconds after the stop time stuck in 7 seconds. Players Adam - Venantray sword throat, the score locked at 20 to 17, Brady won the first career championship ring.


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